Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Frequently asked questions about your install... (hard and soft surface)

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When getting your carpet installed there are a few things that you should do to get ready for your install.

Soft surface:
Are you taking up your own carpet?  If so, make sure that you take it all up.  The carpet and the pad is the easy part.  When it comes to the staples, that is a bit of a different story. Each of the staples need to come up.  If they do not come up, you can get charged by the installers for prep to get all the staples out of your floor.  If the staples are left it can cause little lumps in your carpet, and we do not want that to happen.  If we are taking up your carpet, please make sure that your floor is clean.  Even though the carpet is going to the dump we have to handle it. If you can have your room empty and the carpet vacuumed that would be wonderful!
Do you have your baseboards on?  Your baseboards should be on before you have your carpet installed.  The baseboards should be 3/8 inch off the floor.  This allows enough space for your carpet to be tucked under your baseboard.  If there is much more than that, you can see the space between the baseboard and the carpet.
When will you be finished painting?  When you get your carpet installed, you need to let the paint cure for 48 hours.  Installers are very careful not to hurt your walls and baseboards but when the paint is not cured it is to soft and can cause there to be more touch up.  If you are painting when the installers arrive, we will not be able to do your install.  So give your paint enough time to cure.
Is your room completely empty? To have your carpet installed, your room needs to be EMPTY.  This is for a few reasons.  The carpet has to be installed wall to wall.  If the installers are needing to pick up a couch or a desk, you can be charged additional to move the object up to 7 times.  This is really hard on the installers and we try to avoid it if at all possible.  If you have things hanging on your walls, I would avoid taking it down just to be safe.  If you are getting your closet done, just make sure that the installers have a area to work in.  If you are getting a whole home installed, come talk to us. You do not need to move everything out of the house, or onto different levels.
Should I turn down the heat for the installers?  You should keep your home at the same temperature that you normally keep it.  If it is to cold, the carpet will relax when the heat is turned back up it can potentially cause the carpet to develop wrinkles.
What do I do if I have radiant floors? Please let us know! We install the carpet and tack strip differently when you have radiant floors.  We also use a different padding that will allow your radiant floor to do what it is supposed to do (and more efficiently that when you use a regular pad).
I think that I have pet stains on my floor, can these be treated?  If you think that you may have any issue with animals in your carpet, you are going to want to take it up and see.  If there are spots, go and purchase some KILLZ PRIMER and paint (or roll) it on the affected areas.  This will seal the issue and help prevent it from smelling in the future.

Hard surface:
Do I need to clean the flooring before it is taken up?  Technically no, although it is a nice thing to do for the installers.
Do you take up and put back toilets? Because there are so many things that can go wrong with toilet placement, it is best to get it done by a professional plumber.
Can I install my new flooring over my existing flooring?  That all depends on what type of flooring you are wanting installed.  Also if it clears doorways etc. I would recommend coming by so we can check the variables.
Does my room need to be empty? Yes, the area that is being installed needs to be emptied.  This will allow the installer to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Can I take up the flooring to save some money? Of course.  Although please let us know what is on the floor so that we can let you know how to take it up properly. 
Can I paint the floor before it is installed? PLEASE DO NOT! If you paint the floor when we come to install the flooring (especially glue down) the floor is only as good as the paint.  If the paint comes up, so will your floor.  It just is not a good idea.  The paint would need to be taken up, or sanded off.

There are always different situations that an change the answer to questions.  Please do not hesitate to ask.

Please let us know if you have any questions that you need answered.  Also, where ever you have your carpet installed ask what they would need.  Everyone is different.  We want you to have the best experience that you can have.  Email your questions to
We love our customers!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Nibley Home

My super sweet and wonderful friend just sold her home.  We installed the carpet in her home in 2015 and I was kicking my self for not taking pictures of it.  Now that they have moved on to a new chapter of her life I was excited to document the carpet (and how super cute she made her whole home).
The carpet that she picked were Mohawk pattern pieces.  3 different patterns- and 2 different colors.\

The home was super cute and unique.  I LOVED how the house looked and I really really loved how she made it their own. Because pictures are worth 1000 words, I too a bunch of pictures and I wont be able to do it justice... just keep scrolling!



I do have to touch on how wonderful she did at maintaining her carpet.
Just to refresh, you should vacuum your carpet once per week per person that lives there. 
For example, if there are 4 people living at your house, you should vacuum 4 times per week.
Socks are wonderful for your carpet.
Bare feet are so bad.  The oils from your feet stick to your carpet leaving dirt trails.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Swapping out the old with the new

Hopefully experiencing a change when it comes to getting new flooring is exciting.  It makes a huge change in the entire atmosphere.  It creates the finished look in a area in many cases and can also update the space.  Here are a few pictures that show just that.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Changing up the kichen

We had the sweetest couple come in looking for a upgrade in their kitchen.  They looked at the counter tops and found one that they loved.  It turned out beautiful.  The granite counter tops are beautiful and clean feeling.  This is a wonderful way to change up the kitchen and refresh the look, especially when you have wonderful solid wood cabinets.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Finishing the basement

Everyone has different opinions and pull things together in different ways.

Can we just take a minute to see how beautiful this is.  I may be partial but I feel like our customers have great taste.  I love to see how people pick out their products and coordinate how they put things together.
A mixture of different grey.
I love how they allowed plenty of room around the bar to help keep the 'accidents' and 'messes' contained.
I really like how they turned the hard surface to give that edge a extra completed look.

This basement theater has a great look! I have nothing but great things to say. Nice work! We hope you get to enjoy the new flooring!

Thank you so much to our customers that send in photos that we can share!!  WE have the BEST customers!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Something Different

The cutest family came in looking to change their flooring.  They wanted to do something traditional on the floors and something to spice things up and link the levels.  As they were looking around they found a beautiful pattern carpet from Tuftex (Shaw) carpet.

 The carpet is tight with a low nap making it a great piece for the stairs.  The pattern gives it an elegant touch that adds color to the space.  The runner look is also a classic look adding character.

Hard surface on stairs is something that many people like the idea of.  This is because stairs get a great deal of wear.  Although this is true hard surface on stairs is not only more expensive, it is very slippery.  It is just something to consider when making choices.

It is great to have customers that choose exciting things that we get to see installed!

Thank you... Thank you... Thank you for all the photos that are sent in so we can share them!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Getting down to the nitty gritty...

Flooring Fibers... The Good the bad, the do's and do not's.
This is my opinion.  Some people share it and some people may not.  My Mother and Father always tell me what is my opinion to anyone else (sarcasm included).
I am not going into ALL of the fibers just a few main ones that are more popular today: Nylon and Polyester

There are pros and cons about ALL flooring.  Make sure that you are looking at the flooring that best fits your needs.

A few things to know as you start your shopping...

1.Carpet goes down lighter like paint goes on darker.
2.The tighter the twist the better the wear.  If you have a blown out yarn that may feel thick, is the twist isn't tight that carpet is not going to wear well.  That creates a problem.
3.Everyone knows this but they hate saying it... You get what you pay for.  If your carpet is cheap or as we could better call it 'inexpensive' or 'builder grade' it is not going to look good for 20 years. Yes, you can get a great deal or purchase carpet that is on SALE that will be less expensive and wear a bit longer.  But you cant blame your carpet for not wearing well if you are not maintaining it. Carpet should be professionally steam cleaned once a year.  You also need to vacuum your carpet once a week per person that lives at your home, and animals count (eg. 4 people and 2 dogs and 1 cat- you should be vacuuming every day)
4. Don't just buy your carpet for the warranty.  Warranty have a lot of fine print so look at the texture retention (how long the carpet should look good) warranty.  Look at the wear warranty. The information is good.  But if you get your carpet based only on warranty make sure that you get the warranty book so you do everything correctly. The place that you buy your carpet will be able to provide it or you can call into the manufacturer and get it also.
5.  Soft carpet is very popular. I love it also, I love to pet it as I sell carpet.  Something to be aware of is that some vacuums have a hard time with the soft carpet so that is something to consider when you decide what carpet you want to install.
6.  Bare feet people... I am sorry to tell you this but you are ruining your carpet. SOCKS are what you should have on your carpet. Shoes would be a close second (as long as they are not covered in mud, tar, dirt, etc.).  The oils in your feet cause the dirt to stick you your carpet.  Giving you (what I call) dirt trails showing you all the places that you walk while you are bare footed.  A good example is with flip flops, you wear them all day and when you get home you take off your shoes and your black feet are so graciously cleaned by the carpet.

As you read on you have to remember that this is my opinion...

Nylon has been out for a long time and has gotten the well wearing name.  Also most of the carpet are treated with some type of stain protection they also clean well.  But If you are looking for carpet for your hallway and stairs I would make nylon my top recommendation.

Polyester came out a while ago, it has a good clean ability but it does need to be maintained a little bit more.  

Solution Dyed.... any fiber Polyester or Nylon is great.  Solution dyed fiber is the greatest stuff.  If you spill bleach on your carpet, it will maintain the color.  This I do not recommend doing because it can eat your backing because bleach is such a strong chemical.  Solution dyed carpet gives you carpet that is easily cleaned and very hard to stain.  So if you get a solution dyes nylon or polyester you know that it will clean sooo well.
I do not want you to be discouraged though, most carpet has a stain protection on it.  This helps you get different spills out of your carpet. Something to think about still is that when you spill something it can go into your carpet padding.  When you clean the spill out of the carpet there is still some in the pad.  So when you have that phantom reoccurring stains... it could be because you have some of the mystery substance in the pad.

So in my opinion get a fiber that will best fit your needs.  If you have a high traffic house you might want to consider getting a nylon carpet.  If you have hard surface in all your high traffic areas then you get whatever you would like.  Everything with your flooring is up to you because you are the one that has to live with it everyday. Make sure that you also are looking at the quality of the carpet.  If it has a blown out yarn, this will only get worse over time.  The tighter the twist the better the wear.  Make sure that you are doing your homework.  There are so many different fibers that you can use when getting new carpet. These are just the main ones that I like to sell.

This blog has a really good insight if you wanted to check it out for another opinion.